Happy Year of the Rabbit

3 Feb

Vans with some kick ass artwork done by Louie Gong

Louie Gong is definitely one of my favorite artists to follow today. In honor of this Chinese new year, he handcrafted these one of kind kicks in his custom Coast Salish art style. Louie Gong is a multi-cultural (Nooksack, Squamish, Chinese, French, Scottish) artist who resides in Seattle, Washington. He is influenced by his mixed heritage, and is profusely involved with his community. He gives numerous but very intriguing speeches about racial identity to students and at conferences. Louie Gong is more than just an artist, he is also an activist..  Primarily, Louie’s artwork can be found on a pair of Vans. Personally, the killer whale design is my fave. Check him out, this guy has a good story to tell, likewise original art/designs to sell.


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