Paper textile and free general admission

27 Feb

There is a new exhibit at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco called ‘Pulp Fashion’. It began in early February and runs until June 5. The show includes works of art by Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave. She is a trained painter from Centre des Arts Décoratifs and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, but textile arts is her cherished minion. There are two explanations as to what sets her work apart from other fashion designers: 1.) paper her choice of textile, and 2.) the story of her curiosity. De Borchgrave, gowns and costumes are beautifully crafted together and displayed with much splendor and intricate detail. She, along with other designers manipulate paper – crumpling, braiding, painting… – to transform costumes and dresses that are seen in old European paintings from centuries ago. This idea came about 17 years ago when Isabelle de Borchgrave wondered what the clothing from paintings she had seen looked like in real life. What a simple thought to ponder.. Described by museums curator Jill D’Alessandro, her work is “a bit of a history lesson but shown through a magical, playful eye.” Look her up, her sculptural garments are one of a kind.

Of course, this is definitely one showcase I would like to attend. I never once thought about what those gowns so rich in detail and color looked like from behind, nor the texture or depth of the skirt. You can read more about Isabelle and her work from the article I read when I first learned of the exhibit, or see more of her work on the Legion of Honor webpage. You can also click the image above to see more. Now, what would the art of Pablo Picasso look like in 3D? hehe..


FYI. Anyone who banks with Bank of America has free general admission access to participating museums, zoos, science centers, etc through the Museums on Us program. Check out the link for more details, and find museums near you.. This is as simple as owning the right debit card. Just present your card on any first weekend of each month. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of this deal next April for the ‘Pulp Fashion’ exhibit. I do not know about other special perks with the other major banks, please share if there are any.

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