Ready for my close up

9 Feb

I’ve been pretty busy this past week – beaches, sewing, Valentine gifts.. The weather here has been amazing! So I have spent some time at the beach. We got three or four days in a row with 70 degree temperatures. It was nice! As for my friends and family in the midwest, they are enjoying (or hating!!) the tons of snowfall they have received as of late. The temperature and amount of snow may be record breaking for them. While I am building sand castles, my little sister was building a snowman! hehe. My poor sister, she won’t have a summer break because it will begin in July and end in August. Of course I am exaggerating, but still! She has had more snow days in the past two weeks than I ever had my whole life going to school. Oiee.

On one of my beach trips, I took along some sock lion friends. This was their photo opp. I’m hoping to use these images in the shop whenever I get that going. Could be soon!

My first lion friend, Greenlee Lion. Forever priceless : )

Dottie Lion enjoying the waves!

Catching sun rays. PJ Lion enjoys long walks on the beach, watermelon and the color orange =P

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