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22 Feb

Yippee. This past week has been quite eventful, with the opening of my shop being the biggest affair. One resolution down and two more to go! If you are interested, the other two are: 1. saving for a trip to Hawaii, 2. eating fewer sweets and exercising on my days off. I can tell this is going to be a rough road just given the fact I ate a burrito and half a chocolate muffin for lunch. tehehe. I believe half the reasons for resolutions are just to say you tried. ^_^ Plenty of more things need to be done before I can call myself a true organized seller. Who thought this would be so exhausting to the brain. I need a notebook with me everywhere I go because something new always comes up that my business must have. And ideas are starting to flood outside my head because my brain is crammed. These hands do not write fast enough. oiee.

I’ve been so excited and motivated to create I have gone out to about four different stores for arts and crafts supply in the past week. My shopping bag included a new organization container, buttons, thread, socks, paper, ink, stamps and beads. Lucky for me, two of my stops consisted of merchandise being half price. Score! There is this wonderful art store in San Francisco called Flax. This is a bit ironic to me, because I hate flax. My boyfriend continues to buy the wheat bread with flax, ugh. Anyways, it really does inspire anyone to be creative and there is so much to look at. What ever type of art you are into, you are sure to find the supplies here. The best part is the knowledgeable staff. On our visit here, I bought a small bag of assorted paper and some new ink along with a couple of stamps. My hope is to include different designs of paper and stamps into some of my future watercoloring projects. (Check out the Valentine’s Day card I made for my Cabbage) Of course, I want to get these printed professionally onto some note cards to sell at my shop The search continues; I would be so thankful if anyone has any recommendations for printing services. I am looking for matte prints that include post consumer content. Until I find these services, my shop will most likely only include sewn items.

Reading a childhood favorite - The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear by Don and Audrey Wood

Don’t you just love being reminded of forgotten memories? On a weekend trip to the beach we stopped at Harbor Bookstore & Gallery just outside of Half Moon Bay. There is some very nice eye candy here. Aside from books this cozy little shop is filled with eclectic makings from local artists. But for some reason this day, I found myself looking in the children’s book section. I spotted an old story I had forgotten. As a child I had to have read it over a dozen times; it was one of my faves. hmm… I think I want to make a children’s book. Tell me, what book/s did you read as a child?

A note about the shop: After a couple of lasik eye surgeries and a nose job, two sock lions were born yesterday. Both are for sell in the shop. Only the purple sock lion was able to produce a fun photo, due to time constraints and the cold windy weather near the Golden Gate Bridge. I really adore the brown one though. I seem to be falling in love more with the male lions. hrm.

Oh yeah, I updated the About Me section. It was pretty raw, now it may be too long? o_O I ramble sometimes. That is what college does to you when a report is required so many pages long and research doesn’t seem to help and you are left with your imagination and adjectives.

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