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2 Feb

Paysage sous bois a Pontoise, 1875. Oil on canvas. Camille Pissarro (Fr., 1830-1903) Taken while visiting the Legion of Honor in SF, March 2010.

It has been quite mind boggling as to how I want to set up shop, as well as my personal website. There are so many little things that need attention, such as: do I even need a home page [??], shop policies, as well as all the calculations needed about the costs to make a product/ship/paypal fee/service fee.. Everything right now is a little sketchy, included my posts but I promise it will get much better as time goes by. Working retail part-time has given me such crazy hours, therefore I have dedicated my time working on my website/blog/shop at an inconvenient time 11pm, usually as I am getting tired. Progress happens in baby steps. Right now, my focus is just making the layout look somewhat engaging and useful. All the flaws will be hidden behind a curtain and for my eyes only.

Everyone I know and love live in the midwest, and are all snowed in. I say lucky them, because I sure miss that powdery white stuff that sticks to your clothing after you wipe out from sledding. Anyways, I was not needed for work today, so this is my snow day : ) Just working on the blog in some of my pj pants, snow boots, and a sweater while sipping on hot honey green tea. Hrmm.. why did I bring snow boots to the coast of California? Anywho, I was browsing quotes by Camille Pissarro – probably my most favorite impressionist artist – to place on my blog site. Through my searches, I came across this quote:

“I regard it as a waste of time to think only of selling: one forgets one’s art and exaggerates one’s value.” – Camille Pissarro

It is funny what one forgets. I had always joked around with my boyfriend about how some artists could basically throw some paint on a canvas and call it art, then jack the price up just because they have made a name of theirselves. Or maybe they thought just because they had an art degree, this gave them the right to up the price. I, myself have always said you do not need to take classes to shoot photography, or draw a tree. Like science, art is found in everyone and everywhere. Remember the macaroni necklace you made for your mum in preschool? ..Now, that quote really got me to thinking about my little sock lions I have been sewing every chance I get. How much am I going to sell them for, has been lingering in the back of my mind as I sew. Never was I fully putting my whole heart and soul in the creation. Same as for painting, I would worry about it being ‘perfect’, and would the recipient like it? In no way did I tell myself, “this is me, and this is MY art.” I’ve been too busy trying to please these thoughts, rather than my own creative feelings and desires. It is time to quit being hypocritical and make art simply because I love doing it.

Note: This may sound cheesy, but I am so thankful for my techie boyfriend. You have no idea how difficult and time consuming it was to get this post looking just right..

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