Allow me to introduce myself

18 Feb

As it is this weekend that I am launching my website to the world (meaning I can actually be searched for via Google..), I figured I needed to make a proper introduction as to who I am, what I am doing, and why.

My name is Angela Hummingbird, hence the name of the website. How clever is that? I am currently posted in northern California, just minutes from San Francisco. I’ve been here almost two years now. My true home lies in the midwest where stars are plenty, swimming in your clothes is normal, and Bigfoot is often seen and/or heard. I have a degree in Business Administration from a tribal university in Kansas. Oh yes, I am Native American. There is a significant other, whom I call Cabbage. No kids here, but today I was told I was too young to have kids (true story). I guess there is no point there to be made. Now I could definitely go on and on rambling here, but I will just say there are many things in my life I want to do, be, experience and see. One day I may be an owner of a trendy restaurant, the next a teacher at a rural school and then maybe an instructor for surfing in Hawaii. I guess you could say I’m a dreamer : ) I heart John Lennon.

This very well could end up just being another chapter in my life, but I doubt it. I believe I will forever be creative, even after my hands get arthritis I’ll just use my toes.. My first memory of being introduced to art was when I was being cared for (around the age of 3 or 4) by a high school instructor’s wife, mother of two. It was this instructor who one day gave me a tour of his classroom, sat me down on a chair, drew a rose and then handed me the pencil and paper to give it a go. Til this day, I still draw the rose the same. I’m 25. Growing up I realized I have family from both sides that are artists. And many more members who are just as talented and crafty. So you see, I guess it is in my blood. My childhood years were filled with color inside the lines, in high school I learned to sew on my own without a machine, and since then I’ve been experimenting with different art medias. Mainly, because I get bored or I see something I want and figure it is cheaper for me to make than buy.

So this blog and the rest of this website is about the art in my life: the art I create, the art I adore, the art that blows my mind, and the art that gives me fuzzies inside. After some period of time you may notice I do not favor one medium over another. I just move on to some other form when I get bored, and sometimes go back to it. Right now I am sewing, still pretty much in the experimenting stages. And on the side, I do a little bit of watercoloring. Cute story: I first started watercoloring when I met my boyfriend. aww!! Anyways, I am doing this because, why not make money off something you love doing?

Somebody is getting new eyes..

Say hello to my new sock lion friend in the making. She will be available for sale tomorrow at my shop. The shop is a bit wimpy right now, due to the website calling for most of my attention the past week or two… I want to discuss price. The price is what it is because of these reasons: 1. Handmade, 2. My location (expensive, and this sort of stuff sells here), 3. I have fees to pay for posting on as well as for the initial transaction via PayPal, 4. Materials, 5. Other (business cards, amount of time to produce an item, travel expenses, photos, etc), 6. I’m actually competitive compared to my competition…

Please browse around and let me know how the website works for you. Does everything work like you thought it would? Take a peak in the gallery and tell me what you see/think. I feel I said everything I could say as short as possible, and not so completely random. I will not be boring next time!! .. Now as promised, a video for Friday:

All I know is, I want to be on that train and I don’t care where it is going. Who is up for some European traveling? Bring the band too.

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  1. John February 21, 2011 at 5:18 pm #

    Hey Angela!!
    Blog looks great!

    When are you coming back to visit?

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