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This is ‘Your Song’

25 Mar


The bitch is back! In honor of Elton John’s 64th birthday I thought it would only be fitting to share a video of him on his special day. Also I just really love his music : ) And this one is my fave. I <3 Sir Elton John; and have been listening to his music ever since I can remember. I would seriously think about giving an arm and leg to go to one of his concerts. hehe. Maybe this is another bucket list item? As a child, my parents, brother and I frequently went on small cruises on the back dirt roads of my home county in Oklahoma, jammin’ to Classic Rock music while eating an ice cream sandwich with the windows rolled down on those warm summer nights. Good times : )


One of the funnest songs I ever heard on the radio during my childhood years was ‘Tight Rope’ by Leon Russell. Even till this day I do not know if there is a music video for the song, but everytime I hear it playing I imagine the video I would have done for it. And maybe I will do it some day when I have a piano in my possession as well as Charlie Chaplin costume on hand ; ) It was not until just a few years ago that I grew knowledge of the friendship between Elton John and Leon Russell. Just made me love Elton more, as well as Leon. These two men have now teamed up together and are asking for the public to create their next music video for their single ‘Hey Ahab’. Best of luck to the contestants.

Elton John and Leon Russell

From the words of one of my college instructors, “If no one said they loved you today, I do.” Happy Friday!

Holi: Festival of Colours

22 Mar

Holi - powder thrown

India is a place I would love to travel and explore. The whole culture is completely drenched in color, and I love color especially the vibrant and bold. To be able to attend during the celebration of Holi would be a scratch off to my bucket list. Holi is observed on the day after the last full moon of the winter month Phaalgun – twelfth month of the Hindu calendar. This year it began March 19th. This spring religious festival is primarily celebrated in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other countries with high populations of Hindus. It represents the arrival of spring and the bright colors signify energy, life, and happiness.

This exuberant festival is associated with the immortal love of Lord Krishna and Radha, and hence, Holi is spread over 16 days in Nandgaon-Barsana-Goverdhan-Vrindavan as well as Mathura – the cities with which Lord Krishna shared a deep affiliation. Apart from the usual fun with coloured powder and water, Holi is marked by vibrant processions which are accompanied by folk songs, dances and a general sense of abandoned vitality.

There is more to the colored powder and water, and it is the togetherness or unity that comes from the celebration. It is the perfect time to forget all the differences and get involved in pure fun. There is no discrimination of cast, color, race, status or sex while one celebrates Holi in full force. I believe this should be said and lived by everyday.

It is impossible to express India’s particular beauty in black-and-white. Black-and-white might be a good medium to convey Europe’s fear and alienation, but color is natural for Indians and more appropriate for the extraordinary diversity of India. Unlike European art, Indian art did not have the tradition of independent black-and-white sketches and drawings. If any line drawings were made, they were for being filled out in color. Color is the fountain of India. Color is the basis of the entire rasa theory, that governs Indian painting, dance, music, and literature.     – Raghubir Singh

Searching for images, I came across a few photographers whose work I now admire. Click a name below for more Indian and Holi images:
Poras Chaudhary, Himanshu Khagta, Jitendra Singh, Marji Lang

Macaco Gordo aka Fat Monkey

11 Mar


Can you guess what this sculpture is made of?
Slowly scroll down the images to find out …

Oh no! A monkey has fallen and can’t get up.

Right here, I had guessed plastic bottles.

Dang. That sure looks like it took a lot of work.

Is that..

..Flip flops? Awesome.. Now check out the video to see how it was made : )

Fat Monkey from florentijn hofman on Vimeo.

This art was made last year at the 2010 Pixel-Show conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman and a team of local students. The sculpture measure 5 X 4 X 15 meters. Cute little ole Macaco Gordo was made with 10,000 of Brazil’s unofficial shoe – flip flops – in representation of pixels..

White Elephant and Rootbeer

9 Mar

white elephant

Crammed in a 96,000 square foot warehouse in Oakland, I poked around through boxes and boxes of unwanted treasures this past weekend. And that was of only two departments of the 17 they had organized.  It was the annual White Elephant Sale hosted by the Oakland Museum Women’s Board. The proceeds from the sales are used to support programs and exhibits at the Oakland Museum. This is a huge rummage sale event that takes place only one weekend a year. So you better believe it was packed with people from both sides of the bay, as well as out of staters. I attended on Sunday, SCORE! Which means all my purchases were half off. Of course, I only bought things from the crafting/sewing department. I found some nice material that has inspired me to make pillows. I already have the pictures all drawn up in my head. But, I think I want to do screen printing which I have no knowledge of. The material has also inspired me to finish a pillow I started months ago. Maybe I’ll get to it by the end of this week? I love me some buttons, so I bought numerous amounts of those plus wooden spools of thread and ribbon.

I even got Cabbage to go with me. I sort of enticed him by mentioning our lack of dining table. [This is a whole new story.. let's just say it took us a few months to find the 'right' toaster..] Surprisingly, we did find some gateleg tables we were looking for just nothing of our taste.. ..It was one of the cheapest dates we have ever had, but totally one of the best. Just the whole experience of shopping for bargains is a thrill. And it reminded me of my days back home, when my family and I would spend early summer weekend mornings visiting yard sales. I also find complete joy in knowing/seeing what other people live with in their lives. It kind of gives you a sense of who the person is or was. We did not stay long at the sale because I had work, so there is no telling what magical findings I missed. But I do know, some of the things I saw there I better not see on the Antique Roadshow. Like these beautiful Asian chairs pictured below. And I completely adore the old sewing machines that are attached to their old beaten and cracked wood table tops.


This guy’s name is Rootbeer! He will be available for sale later tonight. He enjoys tea parties with little girls in pearls, white gloves and dresses. In addition, he also doesn’t mind the occasional bear, pink giraffe, Malibu Barbie, floppy cuddly bunny and of course the Hatter as guests at the table ;-)

..:::.. In April, there will be a sale. Possibly free shipping ..:::..

Sand animation

4 Mar

Kseniya Simonova WWII

Today’s Friday video is a deeply touching story performed by Kseniya Simonova through sand animation. Although the story is sad, this is truly a beautifully well-crafted piece of art.. Searching for sand art, I came across this winner of the 2009 Ukraine’s Got Talent on Enjoy : )

Video Translation:
Kseniya is telling a story of saddness, loss, love and havoc by recounting the events of Germany’s invasion and occupation of Ukraine during WWII. The Great Patriotic War as it is called in Ukraine, resulted in one in four of the population being killed, out of a population of 42 million.. The story begins with a couple sitting under a starry night, then being unsettled by war planes. It continues to be told as seen through the woman’s eye, whom loses her love, becomes old and watches the monument of an Unknown Soldier. The final scene ends with the words, “You are always near”.

About Kseniya Simonova:

via Wikipedia

She is an artist from the Ukraine, but considers herself first to be a mother. She is a very accomplished young woman who attended two universities at once and received very high scores for her choice of specialities: Psychophysiology and Graphics. A year before winning the competition Simonova had to totally reinvent herself. She and her husband’s successful company collapsed with the loss of investors during the 2008 economy crisis. A little depressed, her husband suggested a new art to her. Sand art/animation is not new but not many artists are available for such work. She spent hours at night usually around midnight for practice only allowing herself a few hours of sleep. Simonova uses volcanic sand mixed with salt. When asked why she chose this theme for her performance, she replied “I just want to bring some immortal sense to this show. Not just pictures or video clips. Something close to all hearts…”

She, herself has an amazing story and I suggest reading a little bit about this awesome lady and her form of art.

Tres amigos

3 Mar

Three sock lions

Hola! I’ve been all giddy inside for the past two days waiting to share these new friends with you. They on the other hand have been waiting for their photos to be taken. The weather here recently has been a little wet with plenty of gray clouds, and absolutely no sunshine. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the rain. I started sewing them together on Monday and it was Tuesday when I finished all three of these lions. Actually, on Tuesday I had a couple of doves and a tiny finch perched on the balcony joining me on my day off as I lost myself in creative mode. They may have just associated our hummingbird feeder to us possibly owning another bird feeder with seeds. But, I like to think they were curious as to what I was doing inside : )

This is about the last of the sock lions for now. I am thinking I will make two or three more and than I am working on something else for a bit.. The Borders store here in my city is closing, therefore selling all their books at discounted prices. My Cabbage and I dropped by and purchased a few books. I am really looking forward to using them in my upcoming creativity. One book was going to show me how to make homemade stamps, another aprons, and the third is about selling handmade items online. So, we will see what I make next. And it may not even involve any of the above books. It is too bad about Borders, albeit I am looking forward to the Cheesecake Factory moving in. mm mmm.

The three lions above will be for sale later tonight or early morning. I have plans for this evening, and I will see what energy I have left afterwards : ) Sleeping has been an experience the past nights, and even this afternoon as I tried to nap. Lately, my Cabbage has taken an interest in knocking me upside the head as we sleep at night with his arm, and recently likes having conversations in his sleep. My next project may very well be some sort of arm sling. hehe.. Still trying to figure out the personalities and names to those sock lions. Hmm..