Tres amigos

3 Mar

Hola! I’ve been all giddy inside for the past two days waiting to share these new friends with you. They on the other hand have been waiting for their photos to be taken. The weather here recently has been a little wet with plenty of gray clouds, and absolutely no sunshine. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the rain. I started sewing them together on Monday and it was Tuesday when I finished all three of these lions. Actually, on Tuesday I had a couple of doves and a tiny finch perched on the balcony joining me on my day off as I lost myself in creative mode. They may have just associated our hummingbird feeder to us possibly owning another bird feeder with seeds. But, I like to think they were curious as to what I was doing inside : )

This is about the last of the sock lions for now. I am thinking I will make two or three more and than I am working on something else for a bit.. The Borders store here in my city is closing, therefore selling all their books at discounted prices. My Cabbage and I dropped by and purchased a few books. I am really looking forward to using them in my upcoming creativity. One book was going to show me how to make homemade stamps, another aprons, and the third is about selling handmade items online. So, we will see what I make next. And it may not even involve any of the above books. It is too bad about Borders, albeit I am looking forward to the Cheesecake Factory moving in. mm mmm.

The three lions above will be for sale later tonight or early morning. I have plans for this evening, and I will see what energy I have left afterwards : ) Sleeping has been an experience the past nights, and even this afternoon as I tried to nap. Lately, my Cabbage has taken an interest in knocking me upside the head as we sleep at night with his arm, and recently likes having conversations in his sleep. My next project may very well be some sort of arm sling. hehe.. Still trying to figure out the personalities and names to those sock lions. Hmm..

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