White Elephant and Rootbeer

9 Mar

Crammed in a 96,000 square foot warehouse in Oakland, I poked around through boxes and boxes of unwanted treasures this past weekend. And that was of only two departments of the 17 they had organized.  It was the annual White Elephant Sale hosted by the Oakland Museum Women’s Board. The proceeds from the sales are used to support programs and exhibits at the Oakland Museum. This is a huge rummage sale event that takes place only one weekend a year. So you better believe it was packed with people from both sides of the bay, as well as out of staters. I attended on Sunday, SCORE! Which means all my purchases were half off. Of course, I only bought things from the crafting/sewing department. I found some nice material that has inspired me to make pillows. I already have the pictures all drawn up in my head. But, I think I want to do screen printing which I have no knowledge of. The material has also inspired me to finish a pillow I started months ago. Maybe I’ll get to it by the end of this week? I love me some buttons, so I bought numerous amounts of those plus wooden spools of thread and ribbon.

I even got Cabbage to go with me. I sort of enticed him by mentioning our lack of dining table. [This is a whole new story.. let's just say it took us a few months to find the 'right' toaster..] Surprisingly, we did find some gateleg tables we were looking for just nothing of our taste.. ..It was one of the cheapest dates we have ever had, but totally one of the best. Just the whole experience of shopping for bargains is a thrill. And it reminded me of my days back home, when my family and I would spend early summer weekend mornings visiting yard sales. I also find complete joy in knowing/seeing what other people live with in their lives. It kind of gives you a sense of who the person is or was. We did not stay long at the sale because I had work, so there is no telling what magical findings I missed. But I do know, some of the things I saw there I better not see on the Antique Roadshow. Like these beautiful Asian chairs pictured below. And I completely adore the old sewing machines that are attached to their old beaten and cracked wood table tops.


This guy’s name is Rootbeer! He will be available for sale later tonight. He enjoys tea parties with little girls in pearls, white gloves and dresses. In addition, he also doesn’t mind the occasional bear, pink giraffe, Malibu Barbie, floppy cuddly bunny and of course the Hatter as guests at the table ;-)

..:::.. In April, there will be a sale. Possibly free shipping ..:::..

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