About Me

Mini Bio:

I enjoy lying in an open field with the sounds of serenading crickets in the distance while gazing above into the black space of unknowns, and counting each passing satellite because my eyes have adjusted to such darkness.


O-si-yo (hello!). My name is Angela Hummingbird, hence the brilliant idea and reason behind the name of my website and shop. And yes, I live by the bay – San Francisco Bay. I am a Native American artist. But my focus is not on the traditional artwork, such as: beading, painted horses, baskets, feathers, etc. Although, this is something I would love to incorporate into my creative life, as I believe in preserving one’s culture. In simple terms, I am just an artist who happens to be Native. Originally I am from the Midwest, a tiny town in Oklahoma to be exact. This will always be “home” and most of my memories there lie on my grandpa’s old farm where my summer days included picking blackberries, fishing, making rock piles, feeding horses and hauling hay. There is nothing like a good sweat and jumping into a cold creek.

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to travel by means of the different sports I played, mainly in the Midwest region and some southeast states. I was exposed to different lifestyles, art, and people; just about everything that I feel makes the world an engaging place. I have my parents to thank for such experiences as I am sure it played some role into my creativity and imagination. Throughout grade school, I was an overachiever when it came to our coloring time, I entered every poster contest, and I made the prettiest Valentine paper bags. Those were the days. In the latter of those years both my grandmothers taught me the basics of sewing and knitting. My maternal grandma once made a Halloween costume for me, I was a spider. It was a heavy ensemble and I would love to see a photo of myself in it someday. Old photos are the best. I knitted numerous potholders with my paternal grandma, as well as squares which she used to make a blanket.

During my teen years, I was a total jock. I pretty much lived basketball and softball every day. I had the most horrible tan lines, bruises… The last year of high school I must have became overwhelmed and drenched with inspiration to create something from my hands, for out of nowhere I began designing and producing small to medium size tote bags. Not only was I hand sewing for the first time, I did a little bit of painting on the bags as well. And somehow these all were completed without a pattern. I went on to a four year tribal college in Kansas and received a degree in Business Administration. The college life was fun; it educated me on my culture, history, and law. Moreover it changed my way of life, thinking, plus so much more. Even learning was abundant outside of class. In that cozy two college town is where I met my boyfriend. He is an artist too, and very good at what he does. Unfortunately, he has limited time for painting or building things. But he always has time to teach me about new methods or tools in the art world. He is my techie and the reason for our adventure here on the peninsula in northern California. It has been two years on the coast, and each day is still a journey captured by photographs and new memories.

Random facts:
`Love hippos, popping bubble wrap and thunderstorms
`Total sufferer of gephryophobia – fear of bridges
`Up until college I had thought a chicken fried steak was chicken
`I learned to play a song in half a day by drums
`I believe in extraterrestrial life and bigfoot, reasons for a camera always at my hip
`Watercoloring began for me when I met my boyfriend
`Fave song is toss up: ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon or ‘Over the Rainbow’ by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
`Often I volunteer for the local SPCA and Mythbusters
`I want an afro
`City living has always been my dream, but thought I would end up in the east
`Sometimes I wonder how many photos I’ve been captured in by strangers, and what do I look like


Primarily in life, I hope to live as eco-friendly as possible and maintain a better (but still delicious!!) healthy lifestyle. This also includes finding greener materials for my creations, buying more locally as well as thrifty and continuing with my recycling. As an artist, I want to be able to accept my work as complete with the unintended tiny characteristics which makes my stuff ‘handmade’. And eventually, I would like to find my own style. Currently, everything I do is of eclectic taste.


Please tell me how beautiful and clever I am, or how much you hate my guts. It is fine either way, I do not discriminate ^_^
Send me a message! ahummingbird [at] msn [dot] com