SFMOMA hosts

5 May

artists warehouse poster

In support of local artists, I will be attending the Artists Warehouse Sale held by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art at Fort Mason, SF on what I hope to be a very lovely Cinco de Mayo : ) Here is to happy ‘wishing’ when I see all the wonderful art I cannot afford, even at 75% off. hehe

No fooling here, free shipping

1 Apr

blue polka dotted elephant

And this is what has been keeping me occupied for the past couple of weeks. I must say this elephant put up a real good fight, but I think I was able to tame it. I’m still undecided on whether some eyes are needed or not. It will be in the shop here in a few days or so. I will keep you posted. I’ve also been busy with trying to come up with ideas for supporting the victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. More details on the way with this subject.. Life’s been busy, but I’ve got creativity on the brain just not in the hands lately ;-)  

Last but certainly not least, free shipping during all the month of April! If you do not see something now, you can always come back later as I promise to post some new animals : ) To order, first you must become a member of etsy.com. Registering is easy, you only need an email, username and password. Once you see the item you want to purchase, just click “add to cart”, type in the shop coupon code, and then click “checkout with paypal”. You do not need a paypal account, you can pay with your debit/credit card as a guest. Happy shopping, even if it isn’t at my shop.. I just love browsing all the other handmade artists’ works; see what I have hearted : ) Here’s your coupon code:


Last week, Bing.com had a photo of the bowerbird’s courtship bower in Papua New Guinea, taken by Tim Laman of National Geographic. First I thought to myself, I would marry that bird. Then secondly, it reminded me of nature documentary series, ‘Life‘ and ‘Planet Earth’. Hence, this video Friday showcases a little bit of avian art. Oh, how I adore the things males do for us females sometimes : ) especially the dancing..


This is ‘Your Song’

25 Mar


The bitch is back! In honor of Elton John’s 64th birthday I thought it would only be fitting to share a video of him on his special day. Also I just really love his music : ) And this one is my fave. I <3 Sir Elton John; and have been listening to his music ever since I can remember. I would seriously think about giving an arm and leg to go to one of his concerts. hehe. Maybe this is another bucket list item? As a child, my parents, brother and I frequently went on small cruises on the back dirt roads of my home county in Oklahoma, jammin’ to Classic Rock music while eating an ice cream sandwich with the windows rolled down on those warm summer nights. Good times : )


One of the funnest songs I ever heard on the radio during my childhood years was ‘Tight Rope’ by Leon Russell. Even till this day I do not know if there is a music video for the song, but everytime I hear it playing I imagine the video I would have done for it. And maybe I will do it some day when I have a piano in my possession as well as Charlie Chaplin costume on hand ; ) It was not until just a few years ago that I grew knowledge of the friendship between Elton John and Leon Russell. Just made me love Elton more, as well as Leon. These two men have now teamed up together and are asking for the public to create their next music video for their single ‘Hey Ahab’. Best of luck to the contestants.

Elton John and Leon Russell

From the words of one of my college instructors, “If no one said they loved you today, I do.” Happy Friday!